I have a deep personal connection to the environment. Although I am based in Africa, little of my work has involved photographing the iconic wildlife or tourist destinations. Instead most projects have related to people’s relationship to and interaction with their environment.  Trees provide the fundamentals of life as a source of fuel wood, timber, fencing, food, money, medicine, livestock fodder and more. Forests buffer communities from the worst effects of climate change maintaining vital resources of soil and water. The numerous innovative development projects which I have been lucky enough to document, I have seen communities realise economic value from their preservation. It is a pure pleasure to photograph the towering baobabs with their graceful grey branches against the bright blue sky; to capture the chlorophyll-tinted light filtered through the canopy of brachystegia forests or the feathered leaves of the acacia scrub and to tell the stories of those conserving these precious ecosystems.


Clients have included: WDF, Sabi Consulting, Environment Africa, BioInnovation Zimbabwe, Phytotrade Africa, Fairtrade and Ethical Biotrade.

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Black and white image of an African woman looking out of the window of her homeAfrican boy carrying water in a bucket from a dam at dusk