As the economic collapse has intensified in Zimbabwe, it is the vulnerable – women, children, the disabled and the elderly, who have been most deeply affected. Poverty has been superimposed on the rampant HIV/AIDs crisis, both feeding into and feeding off each other. Access to clean water, appropriate sanitation, nutritious food and basic health care have become luxuries in many parts of Southern Africa. On the frontline of this crisis are the numerous civil society groups trying to restore people’s dignity and provide basic facilities and I have been involved with recording some of these projects. Sometimes this work is difficult because of the emotions involved both of myself and the subjects. It requires extreme sensitivity, patience and respect in order to avoid being too invasive. The resilience of people is impossible to ignore and I hope that it comes across in the images which I have been commissioned to portray.


Clients have included: Kapnek Trust, John Snow International, Elizabeth Glazer Paediatric Aids Foundation and UNICEF.

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African bee keepers in white suits harvesting honey from a hiveHomeless man in red shirt in a field of flowers