Rural life

Rural life has a distinct rhythm linked to the seasons and time of day. The diurnal rituals of cleaning, washing, cooking, and agricultural chores are intertwined with the elements: earth, water and fire making them both lyrical and harsh. One of my most inspiring jobs involved spending a week in several villages in the south west of Zimbabwe documenting the daily lives of women farmers who were also the heads of their households. I developed great respect for these mothers and grandmothers who toil from before sunrise to well after sunset to keep their crops, livestock and families sustained. Dawn and dusk are the best times of day to take photographs here. The sun is low and light filters through trees, grasses, crops and dust creating evocative moods. Colours are gentle and muted and light dances across people’s faces mapping their stories. When working in community contexts I take great care to be as respectful and non-invasive as possible in order to make the work as realistic as possible while maintaining the subjects’ dignity.


Clients have included: John Snow International, Palladium, Welthungerhilfe, Sabi Consulting, International Water Management Institute, Mercy Corps, UNESCO and UNICEF.

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African gold miners using a drilling machine to mine gold underground