Urban life

The urban series charts the decline and decay of Zimbabwe’s cities as residents have had to develop endless schemes to survive the shocks of a collapsing infrastructure where basic amenities such as water, electricity, housing, roads and waste disposal have disintegrated. The way in which people conquer their daily challenges is inspirational; building shelters from recycled materials, creating informal stalls on the sidewalks and gardens on every available plot of earth. Vacant spaces quickly become pop-up churches, football pitches or markets with paths etched into them by a constant stream of feet and bicycle wheels. In the city the ugly becomes beautiful: coloured plastic, rusted metal, cracked and broken walls, smoke and dust.


Clients have included: John Snow International, Kapnek Trust, Danish trade Union Council, World Education, Mercy Corps, Elizabeth Glazer Paediatric Aids Foundation, VVOB and MS Zimbabwe.

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African girl walking alongside a dam carrying a water bucketAfrican bee keepers in white suits harvesting honey from a hive